A platform for your togetherness

a simple and safe space when you want to bring people together around a common why

In all that we do, our mission is to support your togetherness. Your yoga studio, your customer community, your co-working space, you remote team. Your kindergarten, village or neighbourhood.

You'd think there would already be a safe, simple and affordable platform for togetherness. It turned out we had to build it ourselves.

This is how we do it:

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Flatpack communities

Start and configure in minutes. People want their own distinct community - but fast. Make it your own. Color, name and logo.

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Free landing pages

Your community has to look nice and be easy to explain. That's why you get a FREE landing page with each community.

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Help to get started

Our templates help you kickstart specific community types. Our community about building communities - helps building...community 😁

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The world's fastest website builder

Community and website go hand in hand. A nice website helps people understand who you are - communities help you collaborate. Like cream and chocolate cake.

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No ads!

Nothing to distract your members. No competition in the newsfeed. No targeting software to target ads. Just your community - a common why, collaboration and a nice simple community platform to support it.

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AI for good (beta)

Simple AI that helps you organize and understand topics in your community, creates better search results, recommends stuff to your members and helps you understand sentiments in community.

Our communities. Safe as your living room. Democratically designed for everyone.

We call our communities 'flat pack communities'. They are built on the Nordic tradition of affordability for all, simplicity and safety.

Some of our communities:

Sites. A radical new block method that adds lightspeed⚡️to your website building.

Jump right into the editor. Build with blocks packed with functionality. It almost feels like cheating. Perfect for the practical operator:

  • Startup

  • Restaurant

  • Consultancy

  • Artists

  • Local store

  • Influencers

  • Carpenter

  • You 😀

ABOUT US. We are a small team in the Nordic who believe in togetherness - spaces where people can contribute, get recognized and feel that they belong. In a world of loneliness, consumption and polarization – togetherness is a return to fundamentals. To support this we had to craft a different kind of platform. We drew on our nordic heritage and created a space that is easy to use and safe. That supports your community’s thrift and autonomy. Democratically priced so that grassroot togetherness can happen throughout society.

We aim to be more than a platform. We aim to be a shift.

Let's change business for good!

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