A different togetherness building platform made in the Nordics

We offer grassroot builders a superstrong community and website package. At radical affordability. Empowering you to build a togetherness you can be proud of.

So what's the difference?

We make community-building really simple

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1. Really affordable

Priced for the many - so that community can happen anywhere

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2. Really complete

No need to duct-tape with Zapier or similar. It's all-inclusive

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3. Really helpful

Our AI 'bird' watches and gives you tips on productive steps to take

result: happy community builders

"It has been such an experience working with haaartland in our community for type 1 diabetics teens. The safety, trust and warmth we have in the community rests on the safe and modern haaartland platform"

Linda Brant Lundin - Head of Pioneers Young

"If anyone knows community in the co-working space it's haaartland! They proved to be very dilligent and were a great bunch to work with"

Göran Garberg - founder of United Spaces

"They helped us make the transition from physical educator, to totally virtual under Covid! It is an impressive platform"

Magnus Billgren, founder of ProductBeats - the product manager community

Many community builders hit a wall when choosing a community platform. Big Social is "free" but scary. Bespoke platforms just too costly and complicated.

We instead offer complete, radically affordable, Scandinavian design communities. A bit like the visit to IKEA. Where everything fits and is within budget.


What community do you want to build? Our templates makes it even easier...


Sites. A radical new block method that adds lightspeed⚡️to your website building.

Jump right into the editor. Build with blocks packed with functionality. It almost feels like cheating. Perfect for the practical operator:

  • Startup

  • Restaurant

  • Consultancy

  • Artists

  • Local store

  • Influencers

  • Carpenter

  • You 😀


5 questions about haaartland

Why are we building haaartland?

The world will be better if there is a safe and vibrant way of creating togetherness digitally. But it has to happen at a price that is affordable for the many.

We aim to create this opportunity for people.

Who are we for?

We help the underdog, the local grassroots builder, the small company, the solo-artist, the creator. In short, we help the person creating togetherness against all practical odds - with radically simple and yet affordable social software.

How do we help - what products do we offer?

We offer you a very complete, Scandinavian Design, feature-set of community and website solutions. You get artificial intelligence to help you. All at radically low prices, so that you can build togetherness you can be proud of.

All products are in the cloud and turn-key integrated with each other.

What is our heritage?

In global grey, heritage is clearly the new rock'n'roll. We come from the North where IKEA, Nokia, Viking raids, grassroots Democracy and Danish pastry was born. You will notice this in lots of hidden details - but low price innovation, a devotion to clean design, a commitment to thrift, freedom and integrity, as well as a bad sense of humour - are all major giveaways.

What is our pricing philosophy?

In the Nordic tradition of affordability - we aim to amaze you with how much you get and how little you pay.

The price is either very low for the feature set you get (and we aim to be very clear with what you can expect from the outset), or you can even make money using our products (there is a free BETA version of community where either you/or we sell a sponsorship that supports your community).

We price for the many.

the power of complete

Yes, everything is already in the package...📦

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Flatpack communities

Start and brand in minutes. Make it your own. Color, name and logo.

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Free landing pages

Your community already has a nice storefront. You get a FREE landing page with each community. Video, icon set, images - make it your own!

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Help to get started

Both templates and ai helps you kickstart specific community types. Our community about building communities - helps building...community 😁

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The world's simplest website builder

Community and website go hand in hand. A nice website helps people understand who you are - communities help you collaborate. Like cream and on the birthday cake 🍰

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No personal ad targeting!

Single feed social - like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram - carve out a personal feed for each user. This feed is monetized. All kinds of problems like filter bubbles and threats to personal integrity follow. We do not allow for individual targeting.

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AI for good (beta)

Simple AI that helps you organize and understand topics in your community, creates better search results, recommends stuff to your members and helps you understand sentiments in community.

"Why does community software have to be of questionable ethics or just too complicated or expensive?

There has to be another way."

Niklas Lohmann, CEO and co-founder haaartland

Want to know more about haaartland? Reach out here 👉

ABOUT US. We are a small team in the Nordic who believe in togetherness - spaces where people can contribute, get recognized and feel that they belong. In a world of loneliness, consumption and polarization – togetherness is a return to fundamentals. To support this we had to craft a different kind of platform. We drew on our nordic heritage and created a space that is easy to use and safe. That supports your community’s thrift and autonomy. Democratically priced so that grassroot togetherness can happen throughout society.

We aim to be more than a platform. We aim to be a shift.

Please visit. We offer socially distanced bear-hugs, smiles and strong espresso!

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