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Most community builders struggle with fragmented solutions and financing their community. So we created a simple all-in-one package. Helping you grow magic communities that make money.

Thousands of community builders.
You are not alone

Niche interest community

There is a community waiting for your niche interest.

Knitting. Bushcraft. Estonian jazz or Finnish mushroom picking - Celebrate the niche. Long live the long tail. Give your peers a place to meet. And make money in the process.Niche is the new black.

Niche interest community

YouTuber, podcaster or blogger


Customer community

Course community

Coach or expert community

Destination or neighbourhood

Club community


Community Builders kept telling us why isn’t there a solution a bit like IKEA? Where I get everything in one go? 

We listened.

Most community builders pay the price of patchwork:

Social feed
Website builder
Digital Campfire meetings
Customer support
Donations, subscriptions
Email newsletter
Blog style editor
The haaartland difference

No patchwork.
One solution.
Low price.
iOS. Android. Web. It just works.

iOS. Android. Web.
It just works.

We believe in the beauty of people pulling together around a common why. Our mission is to make this simple and financed for the many.

One community ecosystem.
Built on Scandinavian design principles.

A safe messenger.
Right inside your community

Video calls. Chat. Single or group. Clean design. And of course safe from snooping eyes – end-to-end encrypted.

Tell your story.
Attract new members

Before joining, people want your story. What is this magic community? Use our site builder to create a magnet for your community initiative.

What people say

Göran Garberg

"If anyone knows community it's haaartland! They proved to be very dilligent and were a great bunch to work with"

Göran Garberg
Founder of United Spaces

Magnus Billgren

"They helped us make the digital transformation to virtual under Covid! It is an impressive platform"

Magnus Billgren
Founder of ProductBeats

Linda Brant Lundin

"The safety, trust and warmth we have in the community rests on the safe and modern haaartland platform"

Linda Brant Lundin
Head of Pioneers Young

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